Laurie_web_2012_5.jpgTransform Your Life Now!  
with Laurie URI Grant, Maa URI

Laurie URI Grant, Maa URI is an internationally known spiritual teacher and leader with 45 years of experience. In 2003 she went into Oneness non-duality, called the highest state of Human Consciousness. That same year she was initiated into the ancient Hawaiian tradition as a Kahuna of Oneness. In 2010 she merged into Oneness with the Divine Mother and is now receiving a small daily dusting of Vibhuti (sacred ash) on her alter as a sign of this embodiment. Maa URI's mission is to empower people to remember that they are One with the Divine and can live in love, peace and abundance. She is currently retired from teaching, but you can find her on Facebook sharing inspirational messages daily at And be sure to check out her incredible book, Transform Your Life Now! based on all her years of teaching!
book_image_lg[1].jpgTransform Your Life NOW!
The Spiritual KEY to Excelling on ALL Levels
* Eliminate the blocks that hold you back
* Steps to help you uncover your True Authentic Self
"I love your book, it is such a healing experience to go through. Thank you immensely for sharing it with the world. Suzy"


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See the Youtube video of some of Mother URI's blessings and the effects it has on her students. Tune in to feel the powerful energy for yourself and receive your own Divine Blessing.